Magic Hexagon - Find the Pair!

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How to play Magic Hexagon

Open all cards as quickly as possible using minimum moves.

If the opened cards do not match, they will close. Try to memorize these cards. If the opened cards match, they will remain open and you will get scores. Several successfully opened cards in a row means more scores and bonuses!

find the pair game

Two modes are available:

Quick Game - choose the topic, open all the cards and get the highest score. The faster you are, the more points you get.

*For more on score system see Advanced Guide
play for life

Challenge – Play the game until you lose all your lives. This can be the real challenge for your brain and memory. Time does not matter here. Everything depends on your memory and intelligence. Choose the difficulty level. It determines how fast you will lose and gain lives.

*For more on lives system see Advanced Guide

In main window you can choose starting topic and game mode: Quick Game or Challenge.

game main window

Each mode has TOP-10 High Scores rankings.

scores window

The following shows option description.

memory game options

In Topic Manager you can set each game topic or just look through availible ones.

theme manager

Learn more in Advanced Guide